Dear Diary_(10)

She was still wearing her school uniform, pleated plaid skirt and white blouse.Her sweater, which had had just the arms draped over her shoulders, had been left downstairs.

“Billy, wait…” she protested, feeling his hands move down to her bare legs.“Wait, no, what are you… BILLY!” she cried out, as his hands moved up under her skirt and jerked the waistband of her panties down to her knees.“Billy!Wait!”

He finished taking the lacy white underwear off her feet, then pulled her knees apart and stepped between them.He put his hands back on her hips by sliding them up the outside of her thighs and gripped her tight..

“I have to, Katie.” he said, letting her feel him slide his hardness up and down over her bare bottom as he rocked his hips.“I have to, so somebody else doesn’t get it.”

“No, Billy, please?” she begged, trying to squirm away.“Not like this!Please?I don’t want to be this much of a slut!Billy!Please, oh God, no, no, not this much!”She got more and more panicked as he pressed it into her.“Let me suck it again!I’ll suck it whenever you want!I promise!Just don’t make me this much of a slut!Not this much!!”

She tried kicking her feet, but he was tight inside her thighs, and it was futile.All her wiggling did was allow him to move his hardness around on her most intimate places, because he forced her legs apart as her socks slid uselessly on the floor… then slapped her ass and shocked her into stillness.

“Katie, I have to.” he told her, before she could speak.“You’re a slut, and we both know it.If I don’t fuck you right now, if I don’t take your cherry, we both know that you’ll give it to someone else, someone who doesn’t love you the way I do.I have to make you my slut forever, and that means I have to be your first.”

He rubbed his cock over her whole slit, letting her feel it slide over her clit, then he pulled it back and set the head of it just inside.She could feel him straining at the barrier of her innocence and stiffened under him.

“You know I’m right, Katie.Be a slut for me, and I’ll keep you safe from the ones who don’t love you.”

“Okay, Billy, make me your slut.” she whispered, giving up.She knew she couldn‘t deny it anymore.She quit struggling and was suddenly able to stand on the floor, tilting her rump up at him just right to be penetrated.

“You’re right.I’m a slut.Make me your slut, Billy.Do it and make me yours…” she told him, looking back over her shoulder at him.“If you don’t, then someone else will.”

“I love you, Katie.” he said softly, then pushed his hips all the way forwardand pierced his little sister, pulling her firmly backward.He felt it give inside her, then her body was enveloping his whole cock like the tightest, hottest glove.

“Ohhh, ho-hooo-owwww!” she moaned.“Ooohhh, ohhhhhh, Billy!Billy, that hurts!!” she said, feeling him come to rest all the way inside her.

“It’ll stop in a moment.” he said, panting on top of her.“I’m inside you now, and you belong to me.You’re my little slut, understand me?Nobody is ever going to know, I promise, but you’re my little slut.”

He kissed her neck, then dragged his cock back out of her slowly, almost all the way out, then plunged it back in, kissing her neck again.

“I love you, Katie.” he whispered in her ear.“My little slut, my little fuckslut slave, I love you.”She moaned in response.

He thrust into her several more times, pushing himself up on his arms and fucking her good.She spread her legs a little more and moaned louder, loving the way his cock felt inside her, letting the waves of pleasure wash over her, drowning her in new sensations as every nerve in her body tingled.

He leaned close once more, slowing his strokes.

“I love you, Katie.Your pussy feels so good.Feel my big cock inside you, fuckslut?I’m fucking my little slut with my big cock, fucking you from behind like a slut, and you loves it like a little slut, too, doesn’t she?Say it, little bitch.Tell me you’re my slut.SAY IT!”

The dirty talk deepened her pleasure, changed it from rosy red to a more passionate crimson.Something inside her broke, and she relished in the naughtiness of it all, of admitting her own perverseness to herself because somebody else knew, too!”

“I’m a slut.” she gasped, feeling degraded and used as she admitted it.It felt worse because she knew it was true.It was true of her.She was a slave to her cunt and his cock.She was a little slaveslut.“I’m a slut.I’m a slut.”She was sobbing openly and coming at the same time.She was coming with his cock inside her, and it was the best thing she’d ever felt, and she was sobbing because she knew how wrong it was to be feeling this, to be feeling this good.She was sobbing because she knew this was her life now, just a little slut for her brother.

“Ohh, Katie, yes, I love you!I love you, slut!Oh my fucking little whore, ohh, goddam, slut, fuck, fuck, slutwhorebitch, take my come!!!”

He pulled himself tightly into her, both hands pulling back hard on her hips, and his cock spurted deep inside her, straining out three big spurts, then he slumped over her back.

They lay there like that for a moment, but then had to jump to their feet at the sound of a sharp knock on his door.Katie just had to smooth her skirt as she sat up, but Billy needed a moment to put himself back in his jeans and zip up as the door began to open.

“I heard you two arguing all the way from my room.” said their mother, coming inside.She had her hands on her hips and a stern expression on her face .

“She has my Nirvana CD and she won’t give it back, Mom.” he said, thinking quick.He even put the right now of petulance in his voice to give her a place to vent.

“That’s no excuse for using that sort of language!I heard the names you were calling your sister, young man.You are never to call any woman those sort of names, ever again!Do you understand me?Never again!I’m shocked at the sort of degrading filth that came out of your lips, and I demand you apologize to your sister right now!”

“I’m sorry, Katie.” he said, then winked at her so their mother couldn’t see.“Even tho its true.” he mouthed.

“That’s okay, I forgive you.” Katie said, mouthing back, “Because it is true.”She grinned at him.“I’ll go get your CD.I didn’t realize you cared about it so much.”

“See?You two can get along with a little effort.Now, you go get his CD, Katherine.William, if I ever hear that sort of language out of you, ever again, I’ll.. I’ll…” she closed her mouth.

“I’m not sure I want a man who thinks that way about women living under my roof, William.I won’t say anything more about it.”She turned and went back to her own room, Katie following meekly behind her.

Outside in the hall, Anita whirled on her daughter, her face twisted in rage.

“I know what you did in there, you little slut!How dare you!Under MY roof!!”

Katie shrank back under her mother’s wrath.“I’m sorry. Mother!I couldn’t help it!I’m sorry!”

“Katie, Katie, oh my poor little girl, I know, I know, I know exactly how you feel.”She put her arms around her daughter and pulled her close.“I know, because I did exactly the same thing with my father when I was only a little older than you.I was a little slut, too.”

“You did?” Katie sniffled.“Mother, I don’t think you did everything I did.Oh God, I’m such a slut…” she sniffled.“I sucked him, mother, and I let him finish in my mouth.And I’m not a virgin anymore.Mom, I liked it.That’s how much of a slut I am.Can you ever forgive me?”

“Katie, trust me, I’m a bigger slut than you could ever be.” Anita said dryly, not telling her daughter she’d seen the whole thing.“I was a slut for my father and his brother.Both at the same time.Trust me when I say that I did everything you did, and more, and I liked it, too.”

“But how…?” Katie asked, her voice full of wonder.“Both at the same time…?”

“Never you mind.” Anita said grimly, shutting off the flood of memories.“The important thing for you right now is to shut that part of yourself off right now!Right now, do you understand me?You cannot, you must not allow yourself to be like that anymore, never again, you must understand how important is is!Never again!”She looked at her daughter earnestly.“The fact that you liked it should tell you how dangerous that lifestyle is.”

“At what cost, mother?” Katie asked.“That’s what you did, isn’t it?You shut it off, and the cost was you’re going to spend your whole life alone, and emotionless.You have to hold yourself proper and feel nothing.Well, I don’t want that for myself.I want to feel everything and be free and love.”

“Free?” Anita snorted.“You think you were free in there, on your knees with his thing in your mouth?When he pushed you onto your face and took you from behind like a horse or dog would?Did he stop when you begged him to?Are you free right now, with the taste of his seed still in your mouth and the stickiness of it between your legs?”

“More free than you are, Mother.” Katie told her.“You’re the one repressing her true self, you know.I belong on my knees and I know it.So do you, but you won’t let yourself admit it.”

“Oh, Katie, don’t say that.” her mother wept.“Its not true; you don’t belong there, and neither do I.We don’t have to give in to those base feelings; we can be so much more than that!”

“Like what, mother?Like you?” Katie sniffed disdainfully.“All you do is pretend.I’ve seen you, little air kisses with your friends and empty talk.I’ve never once seen you laugh, did you know that?I don’t mean your cutsie little cocktail party giggle that you do; I mean a real belly buster laugh.And that’s sad, mother, it really is.You have everything you ever felt all bottled up inside you, and its killing you not to let it out.”

“And that‘s what you have to do, too, Katie.” Anita told her, grimly.“Otherwise, you‘re going to be on your knees the rest of your life.Or at least until your beauty fades, and then you‘ll be alone.”

“Like you’re alone right now, mother?I can hardly see where that is better.At least I can feel loved my way, even if its only for a little while.”

“Oh, Katie, I just wish you could understand!” Anita whispered.“Can’t you feel how wrong it is in there, doing those things, letting him do those things to you?”

“That’s just it, mother, I do understand, and it doesn’t feel wrong; it’s the most right feeling I’ve ever had in my life!”

“But its not right, Katie, he’s your brother!!”Anita said.“Doesn’t that mean anything to you?”

“It means that he’s not going to hurt me.” Katie explained.“It also means that he won’t be able to brag to his friends about his ‘conquest’ too.”

“There’s other reasons besides that one.” her mother said, weakly.She knew she was losing this argument, and feared the consequences, not just for her daughter, but for herself, as well.The sight of the two teenagers in that room had stirred up feeling she had long ago buried.

“What reasons, mother?“ Katie asked softly.“Tell me.Tell me so I can avoid this so called “fate” you want to save me from.

“Katie, please don’t do this!” Anita begged her daughter, a moment later.Katie had seen her lack of any other reasons in her eyes and spun on her heel, heading back to Billy.

Anita grabbed her by the arm and spun her back around.“I’m begging you not to do this” she cried out.“Please, Katie, I’m begging you!”

“Begging is done on one’s knees, mother.” Katie said, grinning.“I bet Billy would like to see you doing it, too.”

“Please don’t do this!” Anita cried out, falling to her knees and holding her arms up in supplication.

“Not here, mother.I told you, I want Billy to see you begging me not to give myself to him.” she said, then turned and pulled open the door to Billy’s room.

He had been listening at the crack, and likely watching, too, Katie noted wryly.

“Come on.” she said.“Get up and come out here.There’s something I want you to see.”

Billy followed his sister into the hall, right in front of their mother, who was still on her knees, desperately clinging to the straw of hope that she could talk her daughter out of this.

“Here he is, mom.Now beg.Beg me not to suck his cock.” Katie said, positioning Billy right next to her, both of them standing in front of her.

“Katie, please, I’m begging you not to do this anymore.Please turn your back on this disgusting and perverted lifestyle!Its not for you, I promise its not what you want!This isn’t true happiness, Katie!”

“I didn’t hear you say it, mother.” Katie smiled.“You didn’t beg me not to suck it, so now I’m going to do it.”

Katie went to her knees and yanked her brother’s shorts to the floor, helping him step out of them.

“Katie, no!” said Anita, horrified as her daughter took her son in her mouth.“Okay, okay, I’ll say it!Katie, I’m begging you not to suck your brother’s cock!”

Katie moved her head back and let him go with a ‘pop.’

“I’ll make you a deal, mother.” she said matter of factly.“One night with me as a slave, and if you still beg me on your knees in the morning to give all this up, I will.I will become as cold and lifeless as you are now.I’ll be as cold as you are now if you’ll show me what you look like hot.And then you can show me how to turn it back off.How to be as emotionless as you.If you show me that there’s more to you than this shell of a person everyone sees, then I‘ll know that its possible to shut this feeling off, but you better convince me good, because right now, that‘s not something I‘m willing to do.I like being a slut, and I‘m good at it.”

“You’re good at everything you do, dear.” said Anita.“That’s why you can be more than this.If you want it bad enough.”

“That’s tomorrow’s lesson.” Katie said.“Maybe.Tonight, if you want me to even consider what you have to say in the morning, you’re going to show me that you’re as big a slut as I am.That’s what you said, isn’t it, mother?You’re a slut, too, and you know it.”

“One night as a slave?To Billy?And then you’ll give this up forever… yes, I agree to that.” Anita said.“I’ll show you how to shut the feelings off.”

“But tonight you’re a slut.” Katie said, then took her mother’s head in her hands and kissed her full on the mouth.

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Dear Diary_(10)